Regard le Soleil

The things I bought at comiket today ahhh.

Rawhia’s Pierrot comic that came with a free fan :3

Itowokashi tour DVD. The cover is illustrated by Souta-sensei I believe.

Asunya’s new album, Seisyun no Azi to Kuron no Kimi, for miroe.

Yamako’s free comic of Honeywork’s Confession Rehearsal. It’s really high quality! The cover is really shiny. I’m surprised that it was being given out for free when it could be sold for $8 :o

Hatsuko’s artbook, which back with a poster, an omake, and a nice bag :3

Akiakane’s new CD+Artbooklet, which came with a postcard.

And a Rin/Len doujin that I picked randomly because the art was pretty :3

Ahh the monies